Transfer of knowledge

We are acting in knowledge transfer in silicon carbide.

One dimension as added value in EU proposals is the smart specialisation strategy alignment with technology motivation.

Research and innovation projects typically describe a technological value chain that creates a technology transition that has impact on the society.

Regions and national or European partnerships aim to create more economic growth. This is achieved by identifying several stakeholders in a region or partnership. It will lead to identification of value chains. Regional economic growth is also the aim of Smart Specialisation which is created by European Commission [1]. The European Commission’s “Research and innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation” to create more economic growth and competitiveness in the EU was initiated in 2011. Simplified, the Smart Specialisation strategy encourages regions to make some extra efforts in areas where they are strong.

Technology transition and Smart Specialisation thus have similar goals. There should be synergies between technology projects and Smart Specialication implementation. However, there is very little expertise that has knowledge both in advanced materials research and innovation, and has experiences in smart specialisation tools and implementation.

This is where Alminica AB comes in as unique partner which provides added value in projects. We have experience from research and innovation in advanced materials since 1995, and from creating own start-ups and technology transfer since 2005. We have be involved in national innovation programmes, EU flagships, smart specialisation since 2013.

Synergies of technology and Smart Specialisation will align resources and save development time as well as costs. Technologies will be implemented more efficiently and contribute faster to goals. Researchers will understand more about innovation in a larger contexts (regional, EU), and can position their research so it is more clear how it creates impact. Innovators and start-ups will understand more clearly how their results fit in a value chain and regional context, and economic growth that is relevant in long-term. The SMEs and industries will establish closer links with research and regional activities.

All combined, there is additional impact by knowledge exchange between technology transition and Smart Specialisation.