The company was founded 2016 by Mikael Syväjärvi. 

Dr Mikael Syväjärvi started with silicon carbide growth in 1995 and explored the physical vapor transport (PVT) growth, lighuid phase epitaxy, and sublimation epitaxy. He was laboratory implementatopn responsible for the LPE development for the worlds first SiC microgravity growth in 1997 on the spounding rocket MASER7. Since 2005 he is also active in graphene on SiC growth and co-founder of Graphensic AB (2011). He is inventor of Fast Sublimation Growth Process and the technology transfer of FSGP to El Seed Corporation, Ltd (Jp). The process was further developed to have basal plane defect free SiC in KISAB company. He founded Alminica AB in 2016 that is a company active in innovation services for research to business, impact frpm reseach and training young generation researchers. In 2021 he founded ICM Research Institute as department for research. He has experience from broader contexts for research to market, such as avenues in European research and innovation strategy for smart specialisation for regional economic growth, and strategic national innovation programmes. He is active in global partnerships for promoting impact from research, educating next generation research leaders, and establishing value chains as tool to contribute to sustainable development goals using energy and environmental technologies from advanced materials. He is supporting several start-ups in deeptech (mentor, adviser, board, etc). He is a visiting Professor of Advanced Industrial Materials Innovation at University of Lincoln (UK).

Mikael Syväjärvi short CV

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Materials research in new materials and growth processes since 1995 (cubic silicon carbide PVT bulk growth, fluorescent silicon carbide as novel light emitting material for general lighting, graphene on silicon carbide as well as surface modification thereof, etc)

More than 200 publications (journals, conference papers, book chapters, etc)

Experience with Swedish basic and applied research, Nordic pilot project and EU projects (principal investigator in about 10 projects)

Organized more than 30 conferences, symposiums, workshops (which has established his network)

Since 2005 entrepreneurial research focus (create business from initiated basic research avenues)

Experience in international technology transfer, co-founder and own start-ups.

Inventor in two patent families

Several involvements as board member, evaluator, for example board member Strategic Innovation Programme Graphene (2014-2018) | Advisory board (industrialization) in International Association of Advanced Materials 2016-2018 | Evaluator ClusterNanoRoad Project 2018 (uptake of KETs through clusters and smart specialization)

Active in Smart Specialization 1.0 as S3 Smart Specialisation expert with Region Östergötland (2013-2018) with implementing smart specialization as well as take part in Baltic Sea Region project EmpInno (e.g. main contributor written reports on Synergy and Empowerment, Organizational Coaching Tools, Feedback Paper), member of project team that lead to creation of Innovative Materials Arena