EU projects

Alminica can be partner in EU projects.

Our role is transfer of knowledge, impact creation, exploitation, and research to business.

Many projects focus on presenting at conferences and publishing papers. That is very static way of trying to create transfer of knowledge.

We have many years of experience in creating impact and business from advanced materials research. Real impact. Often researchers consider a presentation as transfer of knowledge. It is not unless someone acts on what was presented, and initiates an activity on what was presented. Then it is a minimum level of transfer of knowledge. Before that it is dissemination. If the initiated activity becomes a technology transfer, start-up, etc, then it is a measurable (real) impact creation to transforms to exploitation.

EU projects must have real impact work package activity in order to be realistic with how to create impact. In larger context the research can show how it aligns with regional development for economic growth (smart specialisation strategy by European Commission), various Acts, etc and (really) be aligned.

We are experts in this, and partner in projects, or offer training/courses to other projects.