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Shared data for next generation business growth using block-chain and NFTs. Focus areas: (i) deeptech from research and innovation; (ii)  decentralized and user-centric innovation ecosystem by utilizing blockchain technology and other decentralized protocols in which users have greater control over their data. This enables more secure, transparent, and autonomous digital experiences to foster innovations.

Research to business: training, skill development, courses, project partner. Visit R2B portal.

Founding member of innovation ecosystem Ulrikaringen.

Coordinator of MSCA and Erasmus+ network in Sweden for hosting, secondments, non academic training, staff and student exchange. Visit MSCA Sweden.

Founder of EMPIRI (Energy and Environmental Materials International Research and Innovation) network in energy materials.

Below are news until Feb 2022 (news are not updated due to many activities).

02/22 Talk “Sustainability Approaches for Impact Creation by Advanced Materials Research and Innovation In 2030-2050 Period”, International Webinar on Science, Sustainable Development and Ecosystems in Saudi Arabia, 14-17 February 2022 (SSDE2022) by College of Science at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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12/21 Talk “The innovation aspects for future nano and health enabling technologies”; Trends in Electronics and Health Informatics (TEHI 21), 16th-17th December 2021. Organized by Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

12/21 Talk “Real Impact of Research to Address Sustainable Goals”, International Conference on Physical Sciences and Engineering, Dec 14-16, 2021, Organized by Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim yar Khan, Pakistan.

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11/21 Talk 4th International Conference on Technology and Science, November 18-19, 2021 at The Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey.

10/21 Talk “The value of synergies in emerging research and innovation areas”, International Conference on Translational Research and Innovation in Health, Energy and Environment (ICTRI-HEE 2021), Oct 27, 2021.

10/21 Talk “Sustainable innovation aspects in nanotechnology materials for impact creation” Nanosmat Asia, Oct 25-27, 2021.

10/21 Chair Symposium “Future utilization of research and innovation: Knowledge transfer”, Advanced Nanomaterials Congress Oct 24-27, 2021.

10/21 Innovation sharinar, “Graphene – a retirement story” – Oct 12, 2021.

09/21 talk “From high impact journals to real impact industry”, Bridge Seminar Series (collaborative scheme funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Greater Lincolnshire LEP and University of Lincoln).

09/21 Chair “Green advanced materials technologies in the hydrogen future”, Innovation session at 12th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), Sep 29, 2021.

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09/21 Talk “Next steps in research: the international dimension that facilitates creating usefulness of research findings”, Applied Physics Seminar Series by The Women University of Multan, Pakistan, Sep 17, 2021.


09/21 Talk “From energy and environmental materials to devices and innovation avenues”, International Conference on Condensed Matter and Device Physics – 2021 (ICCMDP-2021), Sep 9-11, 2021.

08/21 Talk “Novel energy and environmental approaches using silicon carbide and grpahene”, Summer lecture series 2021, WEpower Pakistan, Aug 27, 2021.

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08/21 Chair symposium “The future of today by advanced materials innovations and knowledge transfer”, European Advanced Materials Congress 2021, Aug 23-25, 2021.


A knowledge transfer exchange session was held in the topic

08/2021 Chair session “Future of research and innovation in energy materials concepts of today: the utilisation motivation in European and international context”, Energy Materials Congress, Stockholm, Sweden, Aug 11-13, 2021.

07/2021 Presentation 2nd International Webinar Nanoscience 2021, organized by Department of Physics, Christian College, Kattakada, India, 28-30 July-2021. “Science with innovation: the modern approach for an academic career and the youth”.

07/21 Special Sino-Nordic research and innovation session: Silicon carbide and other semiconductor approaches
Organizers: Mikael Syväjärvi, ALMINICA AB (Sweden) and Lili Zhao, Harbin KY Semiconductor, LUC (China)
The session was held at the International Summit Forum on the Development and Prospects of the Third Generation Semiconductor Industry, Harbin, China, July 4-6, 2021. The Summit is organized by China Advanced Semiconductor Industry Innovation Alliance.

06/21 new project new project in which Alminica AB provides innovation capacity regarding “Development of Advanced Composite Pressure Vessels for Hydrogen Storage”. The vessel is developed using additive manufacturing and the project includes interaction of hydrogen energy with the energy system. The project is coordinated by CIIRC, Jyothy Institute of Technology, Tataguni, India. Alminica AB role is knowledge transfer and sharing practices and experiences in innovation aspects from advanced materials. The project is funded in call by the European Joint Programming Platform ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems in collaboration with the global Mission Innovation Initiative. The Joint Call 2019 (“MICall19”) is focussed on transnational Research, Development and Innovation projects on integrated energy storage solutions. The project runs until Nov 2023.

05/2021 new project in countryside development entitled “Internationell affärsnytta från affärsidéer uppsamlade i Ulrika” (International business impact from business ideas collected in Ulrika) supported by Leader Folkungaland (non profit organization supporting rural development, jointly funded by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the municipal governments and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development), project period May-September 2021. The project is about creating new business using digitalisation and international network for the growth of Ulrika countryside. Read more about the Ulrika model at Ulrikaringen (210502).

04/2021 MoU Alminica AB and Sangrah Innovations, PVT. Ltd., India on exchange in innovation capacity platform, digitalization, youth support, and some avenues which facilitate sustainable approaches for a global future.


04/2021 MoU JMS Center for Research Utilisation | Alminica AB and The Institute of Physics, Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan on exchange in utilisation from research and innovation to create more innovation capacity to build competence with researchers, contribute to bring research findings closer to business, empowerment of female researchers, create entrepreneurial culture with researchers and innovators, as well as to create more sustainable exchange approaches in research, innovation, entrepreneurship between Pakistan and Sweden. (210402)


04/2021 Talk at 9th International Conference on Semiconductor Materials and Nano Devices, ICSMAND 2021: Health, Energy and Environment, April 1-2, 2021, Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. Talk title: “Silicon carbide as research and innovation avenue” (210401)

03/2021 Keynote Lecture 2nd iiScience International Conference 2021, Recent Advances in Photonics and Physical Sciences, March 29-30, 2021, GC Women University, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Talk title׃ “New approaches of silicon carbide as research and innovation avenue” (210329).


03/2021 Panel member in session “Innovative Solutions in Medicine” at TechBharat 2021 about healthcare solutions, healthtech and innovation. Watch panel discussion here and visit the start-up event here. (210306)


02/2021 intervju with Young Professionals Society about technology and innovation. See intervju here.

02/2021 invited speaker at the Sixth International Conference on Advances in Functional Materials 2021 – Development of functional materials for a better world, Sono Belle, Jeju South Korea, Feb 15-17, 2021. Talk title “Knowledge sharing and innovation capacity to facilitate utilisation of research in advanced materials and nanotechnology materials”. See invited talk here.


02/2021 guest lecture in course at Aalto University, Finland | PHYS-E0582 – Art, Science and Business Perspectives of Nanotechnology in Energy Applications. See video of lecture here. (210205)

2020-2023 partner H2020 EU-FET Open (FET – Future emerging technology in the EU program RIA – Research and Innovation action) project on frequency comb (SiComb). The project demonstrates a ground-breaking ultra-broadband frequency comb which is chip-based and one of the solutions to increase the network capacity using less energy. Besides, increasing the capacity of network technology, the new silicon carbide-based optical chip will also have important impacts on many other scientific and engineering areas such as quantum optics, quantum computing, sensing, and imaging. This is also why innovation knowledge and transfer activity becomes an added value. A frequency comb is an instrument that creates very short light ultrafast pulses using a laser and can measure wavelengths down to 15 decimal places. The high accuracy means that it can be used in, for example, atomic clocks and GPS devices, while the broad usefulness comes when using this technique to transmit data (a faster and more energy efficient internet). The FET-Open projects are cutting-edge high-risk / high-impact interdisciplinary research with essential characteristics like Radical vision, Breakthrough technological target, Ambitious interdisciplinary research. Read project coordinator press release here and visit project homepage here.

2020-2021 SME support APM Technologies AB related to Stress-free Wire Arch Additive Manufacturing (SWAAM) process.

2020-2021 SME support ACS Bond AB related to operations of manufacturing and development of advanced compound semiconductor materials for semiconductor technologies and optoelectronics.

2019-2020 SME support Simea Optic AB related to high temperature pressure sensor that could have a profound impact on automotive energy systems as it is identified as a key component to boost efficiency and improve control accuracy of engines at higher temperatures. A 5% fuel saving in automobile sector provides a profound energy saving and has direct effect on lower CO2 emission. The potential is expanded since the sensor is also attractive for marine industry and biofuel based engines. The robustness and temperature properties of SiC material in membrane make the sensor applicable in petrochemical, oil, gas, and similar harsh environments.

2017-2018 Smart Specialisation (RIS3) expert for Region Östergötland in Baltic Sea Region project EmpInno (Empowering for Innovation and Growth in Medium-Sized Cities and Regions) which focussed on network of RIS3 specialists, sharing good practices for innovation and growth. It includes developing tools and producing report for organisational coaching tool to increase its capacity to work with the RIS3; RIS3 feedback paper to provide feedback and recommendations from the project activities and experiences to the regional strategy owner to improve the RIS3.

2016-2018 procured by Region Östergötland (Sweden) for working group supporting implementation of smart specialisation in Region Östergötland in the focus area “advanced materials”. The working group activity led to the establishment of “Innovative Materials Arena (IMA)“.

Participated as researcher in EU projects (on SiC materials growth) CHALLENGE (H2020), MANSiC (FP7), ESCAPEE (FP6).