Update March 5, Rajeev Ahuja has got new position at IIT ropar. Read here.

Project title: Stimuli-enabled energy materials for smart bioelectronic devices

Project coordinator: Rajeev Ahuja, Uppsala University, Sweden

Type of projects: Research Environment Grant (collaboration project): The aim of this grant is to create added value through collaborative research in the form of a larger research collaboration group than a regular project would normally involve.

Funding amount and funding body: 23’874’000 SEK | Swedish Research Council

Project period: 2017-2022



Project meeting 2021-02-23 (initiated by co-PIs Mikael Syväjärvi and Ashutosh Tiwari)

Discussion of results and plans for 2021 regarding stimulation of molecules on graphene on silicon carbide.

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No meeting with full project was held.


No meeting with full project was held.


No meeting with full project was held.


Project kick off meeting autumn 2017