Innovation capacity is an added value in Research and Innovation (R&I) projects. ALMINICA AB is a partner in building innovation capacity. By ALMINICA as project partner, there is added value by the innovation aspect related to synergies of both technology implementation and regional growth. The project partners will benefit by increased cross-competence and knowhow in innovation capacity. A project proposal will have stronger competitiveness compared with standard technology motivations.

A technology transition from state-of-the-art R&I can create a profound impact that affects the society (also called key enabling technology – KET). Such transition impact is also the aim of Smart Specialization which is created by European Commission to create economic growth in Europeans regions [1].

By creating exchange between R&I and Smart Specialization tools, there will be additional values and synergies. Efforts will align and save development time as well as costs. Technologies would be implemented faster and contribute to goals, for example in sustainability.

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